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Resin Card aims to provide resin flooring installers with a globally-recognised certification for the level of knowledge they hold.

Full online resin flooring courses are offered to installers still learning their craft, while experienced installers looking to obtain a Silver or Gold Card have the option of completing benchmark courses to demonstrate their resin flooring knowledge and qualify without having to do the full course.

The online courses comply with the learning requirements set out in the Australian Resin Flooring Qualification (MSF30818 Certificate III)


Bronze Card

Entry Level Knowledge

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Silver Card

Full Trade, Level 1 Knowledge

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Gold Card

Full Trade, Level 2 Knowledge

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Why Resin Card?

Resin Flooring has traditionally been a "learn by experience" industry with employer-based training being the way a person learns the trade. This type of training can be problematic in a number of ways, but in particular:

  1. It can be a slow, painful way to learn for both the employer and the student. The realities of running a business mean the skills should be learned as quickly as possible rather than during blocks of class time.
  2. Learning is often limited to the types of projects you're exposed to, so there are often gaps in the knowledge of the employer themselves and what they pass on to their apprentice.

Modern-day education programs have to take these deficiencies into account and be structured to provide the full scope of required learning in a better way. This means delivering the information in short, easily-digested formats using a combination of videos, images, diagrams and written articles, and assessing this material in interesting, effective ways to confirm it is understood. 

With a Resin Card in hand and solid foundation of knowledge at their disposal, installers will be far better prepared to apply the knowledge in practice - whether that be practical training or on the job. 

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