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What is Resin Star?
Resin Star is a new initiative from RFI showcasing the exceptional resin flooring projects being completed all over the world. It aims to not only provide peer-to-peer recognition for the excellent work being done by talented installers, but form a central catalogue that can be used by homeowners, business owners, architects, designers and other specifiers for inspiration in their projects.           

How are projects rated?
Resin Star uses the Five Rs of resin flooring as the basis for the scoring system. Specifically, each of the 5 elements have a number of criteria that earn points when successfully completed on the project. The end result when these points are compiled is a score out of 5 stars, which can be used as an indicator for the quality of the project and how closely it followed industry best practices.   

Note: The Resin Star benchmark point system has been developed from the Five R's best practices and the Resin Card Silver and Gold courses, which were structured around the Australian Resin Flooring Qualification (MSF30818 Certificate III). Resin Star is not just limited to epoxy resin applications. All resin flooring projects are welcomed.

What projects are shown?

Projects can be displayed in the Resin Star gallery once they have been assessed and a score has been finalised. Projects will need to be authorised for display by the submitting entity before they are made public.

What rewards do projects receive?

Installers that achieve 4 or 5 stars in 10 projects will be eligible to receive a Platinum Resin Card, which is the highest accolade available through RFI. 

How can I submit a project?
To register your project, join RFI today and you can register your project.

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