Why I started Resin Flooring Club


Resin Flooring Club opened in December 2018 with the aim of making resin flooring businesses more equipped, more informed and more enjoyable. But, do applicators even need these things? Is Resin Flooring Club just another cheap marketing trick?

I was questioned about this in an email not long after we opened and I thought it was worthwhile sharing my reply because it explains exactly why I started Resin Flooring Club. Most importantly, it explains why it’s a real passion of mine and not some slick business strategy. I hope you read it:

I can't say that I am sad and lonely, at least not right now, but for nearly 20 years I have spoken to thousands of contractors nationally and internationally and this industry IS isolated. Even more so, being a business owner in this industry is a VERY lonely place.
Instagram and other social media platforms are great places to see what people want you to see. My experience has been that people only post their best, and yet, what we all want to learn from are the things that didn’t work. I hope that people embrace the opportunity to have a platform where they can leave the "ego" at the door and communicate openly and honestly for the good of all.
The initiative to have a social aspect to the club came from the recent death of a mate in the US. Toddy was a selfless guy, a lot of fun to be around. Very skilled at resin floors and a work ethic that would embarrass many seasoned applicators. Yet in his mind he lived a lonely life. We need to be able to talk to like-minded guys in our industry for we are all riding the same rollercoaster of life. I hope that makes sense.
That is all a bit deep but I felt it was important to share some of the personal motivation behind the time, effort and money that has gone into this initiative that we started four and a half years ago.

Take care and keep smiling,
Jack Josephsen
Resin Flooring Club