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Resin Flooring International

A learning and collaboration community for those wanting to step up within the resin flooring industry.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build a global community of resin flooring professionals that want to STEP UP and improve themselves, their staff and their companies. By doing so we can collectively improve our industry and lay strong foundations for future growth. 

How We Work

We believe at the heart of every great community is a willingness to share and help fellow members succeed. We also strongly believe in the idea that every one can improve in some way; we all have something to learn, and we can all improve our equipment, our skills, our processes, and our businesses.

With these values and beliefs at our core, RFI provides members with the opportunity to share, learn and improve through discussion and mentoring opportunities with peers and experts.

Who Is RFI For?

Stepping up in resin flooring sense is more than just being thorough with surface preparation or using the right product. To consistently get good results, every stage of a project must be tackled properly.
This complete approach to resin flooring is known as the Five Rs: 
The Right Specification
The Right Flooring System
The Right Flooring Preparation
The Right Installation
The Right Process Management

Using this as our scope, Resin Flooring International looks to support all installers, product manufacturers, equipment suppliers, training organisations and specifiers to make sure they have the opportunity to step up in the resin flooring industry.

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