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Your host Resin Jack brings all things resin flooring straight to your ears.

Next time you're in car between jobs or standing behind a grinder, tune into Resin Jack and industry experts from all over the world cover the topics that matter. 

Click on the podcast episode below to stream directly from this site. On each page you'll also see a run down of the topics discussed, a list of contributors and the comments made by other members. Be sure to enter your thoughts, comments or questions as well!

We walk on retail floors everytime we go shopping, but does the quality of the floor finish affect your buying decision? Should there be a minimum standard when it comes to the finish?

Metallic resin flooring has come a long way since I started doing them in 2007. However, this is not a flooring system that's easy and many things can go wrong. 

Metallic floors are typically demanding and a lot of installers get into trouble with their first few. This particular post is discussing a problematic floor that resulted in a wrinkly finish.

Sealers are used across most flooring finishes so it can be a very broad topic. In this episode, we are specifically talking about a cafe floor that looks to be insufficiently sealed, which is affecting its appearance and functionality.

Although not all garages have control joints, this episode discusses an interesting project where it looks like one joint has been infilled and the other hasn't. A short episode but packed full of helpful information.

A tricky episode discussing what looks to be a failed epoxy screed in a shower recess. Epoxy screeds are used in countless wet areas, so understanding what could have gone wrong is important for all in the resin flooring industry.

Every new resin flooring product should undergo site testing and evaluation, however in this episode we discuss an example where the installer was the guinea pig for a new product that misbehaved. 

This episode discusses how to manage large concrete cracks in preparation for metallic resin flooring. The contributions come from all around the world, with some fantastic insights shared on identification and treatment depending on the type of resin floor being installed over the top.

Resin flooring installers are often required to install infills to get the subfloor right before applying the resin flooring system. This episode discusses various ways and materials used to do this type of subfloor work.

As drains are such a common point of failure, it was time to discuss some of the key points to doing them successfully in resin flooring. Thanks again to all the contributors from around the world to making this an invaluable episode!

Most doorways transition to another substrate, and how well this is done can make or break project. Listen to some great points from over 20 contributors that commented from all parts of the world. 

Most garages have a step down under the roller door or a transition to the driveway. This step down transition is generally curved and if often referred to as a "bullnose".

Every resin flooring project has consumables, packaging, buckets or excess broadcast media. In this podcast we go through a few opinions on the matter of site clean up. 

In this episode I go through a great post that discusses the topic of garage floor to driveway transitions. A great podcast for all resin flooring installers and specifiers supporting the residential sector.

Most resin flooring projects have control joints, so in this episode we share the knowledge shared by various people from around the world.

This episode came from a discussion I had with an installer this week. He wanted to understand how resins were discolouring indoors and what he could do about it. I was able to find some photos to go with the discussion that can be seen on the video.

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