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Your host, ResinJack brings you all things Resin Flooring straight to your ears.
What started off as epoxy floor training and education has now become an invaluable resource built on the contributions from industry experts from around the world. 
Next time you are driving in your car or standing behind a grinder, tune into your favourite podcast streaming provider and listen to the ResinJack podcast. 
You can also click on the podcast episode below and stream directly from this site. On the episode page you will also see a run down of topics discussed on each podcast, a list of contributors and be sure to enter you comments or questions at the bottom of the post.

Resin flooring installers are constantly required to install infills to get the subfloor right before commencing the resin flooring system. This episode discusses various ways and materials used to do subfloor infills.

As drains are such a common point of failure, it was time to discuss some of the key points to doing them successfully in resin flooring. Thanks again to all the contributors from around the world to making this a invaluable episode!

Most doorways transition to another substrate, and how well this is done can make or break project. Listen to some great points from over 20 contributors that commented from all parts of the world. 

Most garages have a step down under the roller door or a transition to the driveway. This step down transition is generally curved and if often referred to as a "bullnose".

Every resin flooring project has consumables, packaging, buckets or excess broadcast media. In this podcast we go through a few opinions on the matter of site clean up. 

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