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#1 Welcome to the
Resin Jack podcast


What's covered in this episode:

Where the idea for the podcast came from (0:15)

The perfect time to listen for installers (0:40)

What you can expect to hear in the future (1:20)

Warring dogs and our industry (2:07)

How to get the most out of the podcast (3:00)

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#18 Simplistic retail floors

We walk on retail floors everytime we go shopping, but does the quality of the floor finish affect your buying decision? Should there be a minimum standard when it comes to the finish?

#17 Metallic flooring design

Metallic resin flooring has come a long way since I started doing them in 2007. However, this is not a flooring system that's easy and many things can go wrong. 

Coving with step

Bob Harris from the Decorative Concrete Institute goes through his process for installing a cove with a step up against the wall.

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