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For the resin flooring industry to reach its potential, we must take steps to retain the wisdom that's previously been allowed to slip through the cracks. If we don't, we are destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.  

The good news is our industry is full of installers, specifiers, builders, manufacturers, chemists, consultants and various other experts that HAVE this knowledge and ARE willing to share their experience.

We affectionately call these people our "Silverbacks", as they've been around a while and shown great strength in the careers they've built.

To help tap into this invaluable pool of know-how and hold on to the lessons learnt, we've started a global database with a summary of each mentor and how to contact them directly.  

These mentors have typically been in the industry for decades, so they can help you with just about any flooring topic you can think of - epoxy application, concrete preparation, manufacturing, project troubleshooting, running a business and so on.

Join RFI today and start communicating with one of the many mentors from all around the world. If you're a Silverback and feel you'd like to contribute in mentoring role with others in our industry, contact us today.

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