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Where do you go to discuss resin flooring.... whether that is epoxy floors or other resin types?
I mean REALLY talk, with other knowledgeable professionals who want to engage for the right reasons.  

There are bits and pieces scattered over social media sites, but who has the time to scroll through all the other stuff as well? Even when you come across something relevant, the value isn’t always there. Many posts are either guarded and trying not to reveal too much, or, in the case of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, making it look like they’ve got it all sorted and delivering perfect jobs without any hiccups.

The truth is, no one I’ve ever known has got it “all sorted” and everyone has problems they’d like to find solutions for. But once again, where can we go to find guidance and support for resin flooring and resin flooring only?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a trusted community of installers, manufacturers, mentors and fellow business owners that were committed to putting the industry first and helping others find these answers?

That is what "Discuss" is designed to be.

Join today and you will be able to dive into the topics including; specification, site assessment, project management or perhaps it is more the installation that you are interested in including mechanical preparation, repairing subfloors, thin film rollcoat systems, thin film broadcast systems, self levelling systems, trowel applied systems, high build decorative or how best to handle joints.

If you have some topics, videos or documents that you think would be useful in this section then please contact us today

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