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#18 Simplistic retail floors

We walk on retail floors everytime we go shopping, but does the quality of the floor finish affect your buying decision? Should there be a minimum standard when it comes to the finish? An interesting episode with contributions from experienced flooring installers from all over the world.

Featured Contributors
Quick Intro

Kelsey Buttitta
Applicator Support
San Diego, USA

Has over 5 years in the industry, starting with sales and now enjoying a role as applicator support.

Steve Dassing
Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
New Jersey, USA

Over 25 years in the floor coverings industry, including vinyl wood, carpet tile and of course levelling.

Shane Lahure

Sales Manager
Master Builders Solutions
Alberta, Canada

Over 15 years in the coatings sector, with a fair chunk of that in resin flooring.

Michael Dorrough
Business Owner
Queensland Regional Flooring
Queensland, Australia

Experienced floor layer including carpet, vinyl and timber finishing. More recent polished concrete and resin flooring. Now owns and operates a floor covering retail outlet.

Thomas Gillespie
Underlayment Specialist
New Jersey, USA

Technical salesperson for concrete specialty products, including self-levelling, patch and repair mortars.

Bruce Poehlsen
Business owner
Ring Us Group
Sydney, Australia

Knowledgeable guy that has been in industry for over 20 years. Broad understanding and interest from prep underlayment and coatings through to polishing. Applies his education to challenging jobs.

Christopher Stinnet
Senior Life Insurance Company
Kentucky, USA

A recent move into insurance does not detract from Christopher's track record with epoxy for the past 10 years.

Ashley Horton-Bailey
Site Supervisor
JMS Lincoln Ltd
Cardiff, Wales UK

Resin Flooring Site Supervisor for the past 5 years, specialising in anti-skid surfacing.

Chris Nath
Founding Partner
Concrete Restoration Technologies
Oregon, USA

2nd generation in the industry with over 25 years on the tools. Well respected in the industry and a good candidate for an RFI mentor.

Gary Hopper
Freelance Consultant
R&B Colormaster Consulting
British Columbia, Canada

Over 35 years in the construction trades industry with experience in concrete art floors, waterproofing, terrazzo and deck coatings.

Jeroen Strecker

Commercial Manager
Overijssel, Netherlands

Over 20 years in the flooring industry.

Amie Dawson 
Business Owner
That Paint Lady
Grafton, Australia

With a solid background in teaching, Amie has found her passion in the paint industry focussing on consumer education and training.

Wade Glasse
Sales Manager
Queensland, Australia

Over 15 years supplying and servicing the protective coating industry.

Jarred Baker

Quality Services Technical Director
Georgia, USA

Over 15 years in the floor covering industry, predominantly in the carpet sector.

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