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#14 Infilling control joints

concrete crack with screwdriver  inserted

Although not all garages have control joints, this episode discusses an interesting project photo
where it looks like one joint is infilled and the other has been left unfilled. A short episode
but packed full of helpful information.

Featured Contributors
Quick Intro

Alex Straiter
Tech Support
Concrete Polishing and Prep Solutions
Delaware, USA

With a background covering all aspects of flooring, Alex has spent the last 5 years focusing on the polishing sector.

Joseph Beemer
Sales Rep
California, USA

Educated in marketing and management, Joseph has spent his working life selling building materials.

Tyler Smith
Garage Kings
Ohio, USA

Tyler describes himself as "a sales/coating specialist for the best and most experienced concrete coating company in the area." 

Drew Smith
Business Owner
OCD Concrete Coatings
San Diego, USA

Drew has over 20 years in the concrete coatings industry and is proud to have learned a lot from failures and turned those into successes. 

Michael Fiorini
Business Owner
Firm Foundation Floor Coatings
Ohio USA

Over 10 years as a business owner will certainly arm you with a lot of broad experience in this industry. A degree in Business Management will help too!

Josh Jones
Substrate Technologies Inc
Illinois, USA

With over 29 years of hands-on experience in the concrete prep and polishing, Josh has a lot of valuable insights. His best trait is his willingness to share his lessons.

Additional subject photo supplied by:

Aleksanda Todorovic
Managing Director
Profloor Epoxy Systems
Sydney, Australia

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