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HomePodcast#10 Resin Flooring Subfloor Infills

#10 Resin flooring subfloor infills

Resin flooring installers are constantly required to install infills to get the
subfloor right before commencing application of the resin flooring system. This episode
discusses various ways and materials used to do subfloor infills.

Featured Contributors
Quick Intro

Scott Cameron
Business Owner
Queensland, Australia

Over 30 years in commercial epoxy and cementitious flooring. You know Scott has been in the industry a long time when he still promotes he has a Gold Card from the building regulator.

Michael Dorrough
Business Owner
Queensland Regional Flooring
Queensland, Australia

Experienced floor layer including carpet, vinyl and timber finishing. More recent polished concrete and resin flooring. Now owns and operates a floor covering retail outlet.

Tim Blankenship
Business Owner
Blankenship Concrete Polishing
Georgia, USA

Tim has a long background in concrete construction and has spent the last 15 years polishing concrete.

Melvyn Ashton
Senior Project Manager
ABC Floors Lit
Lincolnshire, UK

30 years in the industrial resin flooring field, generally as a project manager.

Abhay Patwardhan
Business Owner
Site Solution
Mumbai, India

A consultant with 34 years of diverse experience from resins and waterproofing through to intumescent coatings and injection foams.

Sudhir Singh
Head of R&D, Operations
Jay Chemical Industries
Gujarat, India

After graduation, Sudhir went to work in QC for Fosroc before moving to his new role where he's been for the last 14 years.

Joe Gomez
G5 Epoxy
McAllen Area, USA

With 30 years of contracting and a degree in Business/Commerce, Joe must be heading into our silverback category.

Stephen Hagger
Technical Manager
Gainsborough, UK

We need people like Stephen who have knowledge on the manufacturing, technical and installation of resin flooring. Another 40 year veteran of the resin flooring industry!

Mark Barry
Managing Director
Taranis Flooring
Glasgow, Scotland

38 years laying resin floors. He must have great knees and a strong back!! (And a ridiculous amount of knowledge tucked in behind his beard.)

Josh Jones
Substrate Technologies Inc
Illinois, USA

With over 29 years of hands-on experience in the concrete prep and polishing, Josh has a lot of valuable insights. His best trait is his willingness to share his lessons.

Nick Megson
Managing Director
Abacus Flooring Solutions
Coalville, UK

After 34 years working for others, I have watched Nick step into his own business. Nick sits on the FeRFA council and is passionate about sustainability in the industry.

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