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#11 Concrete Cracks

concrete crack with screwdriver  inserted

In this episode we discuss how to manage a large concrete crack in preparation for metallic resin flooring. The contributions contain some really valuable insights about identifying the type of crack,
proven ways to repair them, and what other considerations you need to have in mind
depending on the resin floor being installed over the top.

Featured Contributors
Quick Intro

Penny Czarra
ACTECH Concrete Primers
Virginia, USA

Over 20 years in the industry specialising in flooring, moisture control, preparation, joints and primers.

Mark Crawshaw
Tech Support
Aitken Freeman
Melbourne, Australia

Mark has over 25 years in the industry, including concrete repair, grouts and anchors, epoxy coatings, floor levellers, waterproofing & sealants.

Kelton Glewwe
Vice President
Roadware Inc
Minnesota, USA

Concrete repair and restoration influencer serving commercial, industrial and civil industries for over 29 years with Roadware.

Scott Cameron
Business Owner
Queensland, Australia

Over 30 years in commercial epoxy and cementitious flooring. You know Scott has been in the industry a long time when he still promotes he has a Gold Card from the building regulator.

Nivantha Muthukumarana
Industrial Flooring

16 years in the game with resin flooring and adhesives.

Wade Glasse
Sales Manager
Queensland, Australia

Over 15 years supplying and servicing the protective coating industry.

Mohsen Vanak
Executive Manager

More than 10 years in executive management of industrial coatings and flooring projects.

John Moses
Managing Director
The Construction Store
Sydney, Australia

11 years supplying and supporting the construction industry.

Alabbas Fadil
Tech Support Manager

Educated with a civil engineering degree, Alabbas has been working with Fosroc for the past 5 years.

Hank Taylor
Founding Principal
Epoxy Design Systems Inc
Houston, USA

Over 45 years repairing and protecting concrete structures in the industrial and marine environments, both nationally and internationally.

Kyle D.
Technical Installation Specialist
Custom Building Products
Michigan, USA

Over 20 years in the industry, starting in the floor covering space and now spends his time solving problems in the field.

Dave Moore
MPPLLC Consulting
Los Angeles, USA

Over 35 years in the industry. A knowledgeable guy with broad range of experience and capability. A great candidate for the RFI Mentor program!

Josh Jones
Substrate Technologies Inc
Illinois, USA

With over 29 years of hands-on experience in the concrete prep and polishing, Josh has a lot of valuable insights. His best trait is his willingness to share his lessons.

Stephen Hagger
Technical Manager
Gainsborough, UK

We need people like Stephen who have knowledge on the manufacturing, technical and installation of resin flooring. Another 40 year veteran of the resin flooring industry!

Haydn Reynolds
Victoria, Australia

I think Haydn is being conversative when he says he's been in the industry for 21 years. I dare say it's much longer, but none the less a great deal of experience when it comes to concrete prep.

Jus B Lombar
Just Grind, Lombar

14 years protecting concrete, repairing, cleaning and polishing.

Maris Elijass
Business Owner
SIA Betonica

Terrazzo and resin flooring installation and renovation, as well as concrete polishing.

Neil Dare
Quantum Site Services Ltd
Middlesbrough, UK

20 years in the construction industry with most of that spent in the resin flooring sector.

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