Epoxy Club flake now in stock

Since Epoxy Club was launched, we’ve been asking our members about the flake THEY wanted. The three things we heard most were:

  1. Better range – rather than a huge pile of random colours, our members wanted a smaller range of proven, popular colours to offer customers. Easier to choose, less stock on the shelves and fewer leftovers.
  2. Easier to use – a better quality flake that lied flatter in the film and didn’t crumble into a million fine particles or change colour when wet out.
  3. Better pricing – in a competitive market, a good price was naturally at the top of the list as well.

In response to these requests, we’ve put together a simple collection of 8 of the most popular colours to help contractors do fantastic flake floors at a good price.

Introducing the 2017 Epoxy Club Granite series…

A colour chart showing the 8 flake colours in the Granite Series from Epoxy Club.

Epoxy Club members can now grab a 5kg box of any colour for only $77, with the added bonus of free shipping on any orders over $1000 in total.

PLUS, special pricing is available for projects and pick-ups.

These are quality PVA flakes made by the largest manufacturer in the US. We’ll also be offering generous A4-sized display samples instead of the tiny coupons you get elsewhere, so customers can actually see what they’re getting.

What do you think about our top 8? Did your most popular colours make the list? We’ll be reviewing the range every year and letting our members choose, so join today and vote to get the colours you want.

If you’re not already a member, join now. It’s free, there’s no obligation to buy anything, and you receive regular industry updates and special offers tailor-made for resin flooring professionals (not to mention a FREE copy of our epoxy handbook, worth $49).

Take care and keep smiling,