Take Your Business To The Next Level

I understand running a resin flooring business is hard work. Getting the application side figured out is one thing, but even if that’s humming along there’s still a pile of business management you need to get on top of.

This is the part most of us business owners aren’t terribly good at...the part we wish we could tidy up quickly and easily so that we can get on with more enjoyable stuff.

Well, I have something I know will help...

“The Tradie Show” is a new 12 part series by Andy and Angela Smith from Lifestyle Tradie. Passionate about helping trade business owners get their life back through smart business practices, these guys tackle 12 common business challenges faced by trade business owners every day.

As friends of Andy and Angela, we’ve arranged FREE access to all 12 episodes. Simply click here or on the image below to watch them now.

Episodes include:

  • The technology must haves for your trade business (Episode #2).
  • Low-cost marketing ideas (Episode #7).
  • How to work with your partner without killing each other (Episode #3).

If you’re not already a member of Epoxy Club, join now. It’s free, there’s no obligation to buy anything, and we’re going to keep helping epoxy contractors like yourself with the stuff that really matters!

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