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Jack Josephsen became known as “Resin Jack” while sitting on the committee to create a new Flooring Technology qualification in Australia.

Driving this qualification through to government endorsement was not only critical to the Australian industry but it provides a foundation for the global industry on the journey to "make resin flooring mainstream".

Having a formal qualification for our industry means that resin installers are proudly able to have a recognised trade. However the qualification is only the start and now the industry needs to work together to continually improve its practices, set standards and establish an industry voice. To achieve this requires a contribution from all stakeholders including installers, manufacturers, specifiers and industry trainers.

Having spent the past 6 years to establish the foundation, Resin Jack continues to support the various stakeholders that wish to advance themselves personally, their company or their profession within the industry.
Having a background in product formulation and manufacturing means that ResinJack can provide detailed, technical product support. Having overseen flooring installation onboard navy ship projects for over 15 years, as well as residential, retail and commercial projects ensures that project support is comprehensive. Finally with a proven passion for the industry, ResinJack will continue to provide industry support whether that is for Resin Flooring International, national industry associations or training organisations that want to deliver resin flooring training and assessment.

The way in which ResinJack provides support varies depending on the situation but the emotional outcome he focusses on is always to provide clarity, direction and confidence.
Sometimes Jack is required to be a teacher, sharing knowledge and experience. There is no shame in asking questions for we all started with zero knowledge so Jack's natural patient and understanding approach ensures no way feels judged.
Most of the time, Jack is providing a form of coaching as most people have some experience and understanding and they are just wanting support to advance to the next level.
Finally there are some that have built a relationship with Jack and wish to continue more as a mentoring role that enables them to sound board ideas, seek independent advice that is not usually available in our industry or just be able to share in the daily challenges that we all face. After all, everyone has felt the loneliness of not being able to ask anyone.

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