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The Five R's of Successful Resin Flooring

Right Specification

The aim of a resin flooring specification is to paint a bigger picture for everyone involved – the main function of the floor, the conditions it will face, and a range of expectations surrounding performance, lifespan etc. Therefore, the focus should be on defining the project’s needs at this point rather than trying to select the perfect product.

Where so many current specifications run into trouble is that a flooring system is specified and when the product specification is applied to this particular jobsite or project, it simply does not work. This typically results in the builder/installer changing the specification to what they think might be suitable based on the parameters that they understand. Sometimes the personal agenda of the builder/installer will influence the specification and there can be a total mismatch between planning and "as built".

Right Flooring System

With the specification defining the project destination, so to speak, the right system basically boils down to whatever resin flooring system is best equipped to take you there.

Once the generic type of system is defined from the framework, e.g. broadcast, the manufacturer should be consulted because they can help with the product selection, installation process, maintenance program and warranty statement. Also, there may be specific criteria noted in the specification that requires more technical input.

Right Preparation

Preparation is often assumed as standard for the various types of flooring systems, however, with the unpredictability of field work and the fact that more than one type of preparation is possible, it needs to be officially ticked off at some point.

The right preparation, therefore, boils down to checking the proposed preparation actually lines up with the products and site conditions during the all-important site inspection. It also involves making sure everything else that can come into play with floor preparation has been properly addressed

Right Installation

A big part of a successful resin flooring project is having a suitably sized installer with training in both the resin flooring system and specific products being used. They should also be using the right consumables and application hardware to complete the flooring finish.

The following elements should be considered for installer suitability:

  • Contractor Size
  • System-specific Training
  • Product-specific Training
  • Equipment

Right Process Management

At a “nuts and bolts” level, the right process management is following a clear process from initial approvals through to final handover, and having an effective way of recording it. If so much time and effort is spent putting plans in place for a successful project, it only makes sense to prove it was executed correctly.

The following elements should be considered for effective process management:

  • Quotation and Proposal
  • Pre-commencement spec check
  • Work method statement
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Risk Assessment - JSEA
  • Daily “Toolbox” Meetings
  • Inspection & Test Plan (ITP)
  • Daily Record Keeping including photos, sketches
  • Variations to contract process
  • Warranty & Maintenance

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